Faroese Society of Vintage Vehicles


Yviri við Strond 20 - P.O. Box 3005 - FO-110 Tórshavn - Faroe Islands
E-mail: info@ellisakfor.com

These long and winding roads – they are inviting. They twist around peaks, run down into valleys and over the mountains. It is time for a drive in an old car around the Faroe Islands. And that is what these guys do. The Faroese Vintage Car Club has gone for a drive. This is a special day, a Faroese Flag Day.

The Faroese Vintage Car Club was established in 1992 and has 170 members. The members have their own club house where they meet for a good talk and sip coffee. Several clubs from abroad have visited naturally. The ferry has departures to and from Denmark every week.

So, polish up your car, take it to the Faroes and seek the country. For sure, driving distances make the road perfect for vintage vehicles where comfort does not matter; but nostalgia does.